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Although Delaware’s cancer rate—498.4 per 100,000—is second in the country and well above the national average, the state’s cancer death rate is 169.6 per 100,000. The top three causes of cancer death in Delaware are female breast, prostate, and lung. The best way to lower risk of lung cancer is to stop smoking. Here are 23 ways to quit smoking for good.


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With a rate of 487 per 100,000, Pennsylvania comes in at the third highest. While breast, prostate, and lung cancers are the most prevalent, thyroid cancer is more common in Pennsylvania than in other states. Penn State researchers report that the state’s incidence of thyroid cancer may be higher than it is in the rest of the United States, possibly due to the Three Mile Island incident back in 1979. The cause of thyroid cancer is often unknown, but exposure to low-dose radiation in childhood, as well as obesity, are known risk factors. The thyroid cancer rates did not go up right after the nuclear plant accident in the late 1970s, so other risk factors like obesity or better detection  in recent years could be to blame for the higher rates. And the good news is that thyroid cancer is highly curable. Pennsylvania’s cancer death rate is 169 per 100,000.

These are six symptoms of thyroid cancer you shouldn’t ignore.

New Hampshire

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New Hampshire ranks fourth in the nation for cancer diagnoses at 483.5 per 100,000. Lung, breast and prostate are the most common cancers diagnosed in New Hampshire. The state’s cancer death rate is 162per 100,000, slightly less than the national average. Here are 10 prostate cancer myths that might surprise you.

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