25-Year-Old Mom Kills Herself After She Lost Her Fight With Mental Illness After Giving Birth – The Digital Wise

Chloe McDaid was a young mom when she was found dead by her father just a few weeks before she turned 25 years old. When she passed away, she left her 8-month-old daughter, Melodie. It was a tragic moment for her entire family.

Her mom, Mandy McDaid shared that her daughter was the type of person who would always be there for her friends. She was, in fact, a “fantastic” mom to her baby girl. According to reports, Chloe took her own life and she was battling mental health issues.

Chloe’s mom said she is trying to spread more awareness regarding mental health and she warns everyone that suicide risks are becoming more and more common these days.

According to the people who knew her, Chloe was not the type of person that would harm herself. Her mom said, “She was a very social person and had lots of friends. She was the kind of person who would light up a room with her smile.

And that’s what we want to get across she was also broken as well. She spoke to friends about different things that were going on, but it was not until we got to the hospital that we realized. ”

Before this young mom passed away, her mom claimed that Chloe registered to be an organ donor. Because of this, she was able to help save the lives of four people. She explained.

The family also made sure that they have a book of memories that they could show Melodie when she is older of how wonderful and full of life her mom was when she was still alive.

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