6-Year-Old Girl Saves Mom’s Life On Flight – The Digital Wise

Jaideen Hajipaulis said a hostess that her mother Alex, 39, was unconscious and having a problem on a flight.

It is assumed to have been affected by a bubble of air in a vein that moved up to her brain when the air pressure changed while the plane’s rise.

A doctor admitted her difficulties and symptoms, and the pilot of the plane made an emergency stop in Brindisi, Italy, where Alex was cured.

After almost ten days in a coma, she was left paralyzed, and carried home to Wolverhampton after a £25,000( $32700)  funding request.

Alex said: “Jaideen understood something was wrong, even though she was only six years old. I’m so proud and happy.”

Her mom Lorna Hajipaulis, 66, has traveled back to the UK from Crete to care for her girl.

Lorna replied: “I understood from Alex that she’d boarded the jet and then, someone call me from the hospital to tell she’d had a stroke.

“I had to reach out to family members and even create an online funding page to raise the money and expense needed to get Alex back home to the UK.

“Alex was not having the right kind of insurance that would help her to cover what happened to her, and so we had to raise all this money to get her home safe quickly.

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