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If Australia’s flu season is any indication, the northern hemisphere could be in for a busy time over the next few months.

Now, the Region of Waterloo Public Health says it’s not possible to predict with certainty what Canada will see based on what people experienced down under between June and October.

However, they do say their influenza season can provide a slight glimpse into what the northern hemisphere has in store.

Public health says Australia saw an earlier start to the flu season, and a “higher than expected volume,” but the severity of cases has been relatively low.

Our flu season ramps up in November.  It was a year ago this week that Waterloo Region had their first lab-confirmed case of the flu for 2018-19.

So far so good, however, as public health says Ontario hasn’t shown any significant influenza activity at this point.

But that’s not stopping officials from urging people to get the flu shot.

This year will see the shot protect against three strains, including H1N1, the same strain responsible for the 2009 pandemic.

Pharmacists are able to administer the vaccine for the seventh year in a row, while flu shot clinics from the region will start up on November 5.

If Guelph is any sign, there could be some backups.  Late last week, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health reported delays of up to an hour for those looking for a shot.

CLICK HERE for dates and locations for a clinic near you, as well as signs and symptoms of the flu.

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