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We all have faced this in our office restroom. You walk into the cubicle, just to witness the fecal remains of someone floating in the toilet. You may think that workplaces have people with necessary civic sense, and why would someone leave behind their mess for someone else to witness. On spotting the mess, many a times you end up sizing people up who would have left their mess unflushed. Here we tried to figure out the possible reasons.

The poop dacoit

Let us start with understanding the psychology behind people who walk into a clean restroom and then leave it with their mess. The biggest possible reason could be that they are so scared of catching any infection from the public toilet that they tend to overlook the basic hygiene rules – that of flushing or checking whether the flush has actually done the deed.

They are only worried about the infections they’d be catching from the restroom and ignore the germs they may be spreading. There are people who squat on the seat and in the process leave behind urine drops on the seat. While they ensured they were germ free, they did not leave the same environment for others.

The poop dacoit could also be some anxious workers who were so worried about their job and the targets, that they were oblivious to the remnants they were leaving behind.

Now what about people who enter a cubicle that has poop floating? You don’t want to flush it and in fact want to rush away from the cubicle, lest someone thinks it was you. However, in case of an emergency when you just cannot afford to wait, you might actually flush and clean the restroom for your use – but you would not want anyone to know about it.

There are some reports that suggest people who leave behind a messy toilet are simply trying to take out their frustration on their bosses. They don’t know how to handle their frustrating work life.

So what do you do about it? Maybe someone is doing it for the insecurity and anxiety they are feeling in their personal lives or simply because they are too consumed in thoughts. What do you think?

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