Bartlesville, Okla. group home residents hospitalized after medication error – KWCH

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. Several residents and staff members of a Bartlesville, Okla. group home went to the hospital Wednesday evening after an apparent mix up during the administration of flu shots.

Tulsa CBS station News on 6 reports from police that while health professions were at the facility for the developmentally disabled, they believe insulin shots were mistakenly given instead of the flu vaccine. How that happened is unclear, but as of Wednesday night, they indicated this was an apparent accident.

Police say the person administering the shots was a pharmacist who’s been in practice for 40 years.

“At some point, and we don’t know how it happened yet, the vile that contained the flu vaccine was traded out for a vial containing what we believe to be insulin,” Bartlesville Police Chief Tracy Roles tells News on 6.

An ambulance transported eight residents and two staff members to a local hospital.

News on 6 reports the response began with a 911 call made from the facility at about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, reporting an unresponsive person. Emergency crews noticed that person’s blood sugar was extremely low, and then noticed others showing similar symptoms.

Roles tells the station the pharmacist who administered the shots was cooperative.

“I’m so hopeful that means that this was just a terrible accident,” the police chief tells News on 6. “The bigger hope is that all of the patients who are hospitalized make a full recovery.”

Wednesday night, the hospital reported all 10 patients were treated and would soon be released.

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