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3:30 pm: You may have had a mood ring in grade school that changed colors according to how you feel but today’s generation has the high-tech
Moodbeam. After struggling to connect with her seven-year-old daughter about a tough situation at school, Moodbeam cofounder Christina Colmer McHugh, wondered about ways to record her feelings throughout the day. Cue the Moodbeam — a wearable bracelet with just two buttons; yellow for when you’re feeling happy or positive and blue for when you’re feeling unhappy or negative. By clicking the yellow or blue button and keeping a record in the app, you can make sense of how you’re feeling and spot trends throughout the day. This data can then be shared with a medical professional, family member, or friend to encourage open conversation. The Moodbeam is currently available in the UK and will soon be available in the U.S. for around $50. — Brianna Majsiak

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