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Dental implant

The global dental implants market trends have undergone substantial transformation in recent years, attributed to a surge in periodontal diseases, tooth decay and dental caries.

For most parts, these dental issues are observed in the geriatric population and children and have stemmed from unhealthy eating habits such as consumption of junk food on a regular basis as well as lack of dental hygiene.

In fact, according to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was seen that 64.4% of adults between the age of 18-64, 84.6% children between the age of 2-17 and around 64.3% adults over the age of 65 had to undergo dental caries treatment in 2016. Such growing cases have led to a potential growth and demand in the dental implants market.

Factors such as advanced technological developments as well as the evolution of dental surgeries are expected to significantly expand global dental implants industry size. Moreover, Global Market Insights, Inc. predicts that the dental implants market size could surpass $5bn (~€4.5bn) by 2025.

Metal-free dental implants have also effectively stimulated dental implants industry outlook, with consumers increasingly preferring them over normal ones. Currently, zirconium dental implants are trending in the industry. This non-metal material has various benefits such as anti-corrosive properties which is a natural fit for aesthetic dental procedures.

These implants also offer the ability to improve osseointegration and help preserve bones for an extended duration. These positive aspects paired with increasing inclination towards cosmetic dentistry will, in turn, boost the dental implants market outlook over the study timeframe. Furthermore, reports suggest that the zirconium dental implants market could witness a growth rate of 5.4% over the forthcoming years.

Dental clinics have also offered growth impetus to the global dental implants market. Dental clinics are well equipped to handle minor and procedural surgeries in a cost-effective manner. Affordable treatment options coupled with nearby availability has turned a lot of heads towards such dental clinics, with several people visiting these clinics for routine dental checkups.

Technological advancements in dental devices could massively contributed towards improving efficacy of dental surgeries. Furthermore, rapid growth in dental clinics as well as rising awareness towards dental care could generate considerably demand for dental implants in dental clinics.

Regionally speaking, the dental implants market has noticeably grown its presence in Asia Pacific territory, with a major share recorded in India. According to reports, India accounted for more than 12% of the Asia Pacific dental implants market share. Over the past decade, the country has increased its focus towards educating its population about dental hygiene and its benefits.

For instance, initiatives like National Oral Health Programme organised by the Indian Dental Association have been introduced to tackle growing cases of oral diseases. Additionally, the nation has witnessed an increase in dental clinics that offer affordable facilities like restorative dentistry and implants.

With such rapid expansion of dental facilities as well as growing awareness of dental hygiene, the dental implants market of India could massively drive the Asia Pacific industry share.

Meanwhile, growing focus on developing new dental implants to treat various oral disorders could attract huge investments in companies operating in the global dental implants industry by 2025.

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