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Diabetes is when your blood sugar or glucose levels are higher than normal. It is carbohydrate-rich foods like bread, cereals, rice, pasta, fruits, milk, and desserts that can cause a rise in blood pressure. There are two types of diabetes. As per various health reports, type 1 is most common in children, and type 2 is most common in adults. If you have diabetes, your eating plan should focus on the amount and types of carbs you eat throughout the day, as consulted by several doctors. Having high levels of blood sugar is not good for the heart and in extreme cases can also cause death. Here are five food items that will help you lower your blood sugar. Take a look:

Whole wheat or pumpernickel bread

Most kinds of breads have high carbohydrate contents and can quickly raise blood sugar levels. As a result of this, they should be avoided. However, pumpernickel bread and 100 per cent stone-ground whole wheat bread have low GI scores (55 or less), according to the GI scale. They have lower GI scores because the ingredients go through less processing. Processing removes the fibrous outer shells of grains and cereals. Fibre slows digestion and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

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Most of the fruits contain lots of water and fibre to balance out their naturally occurring sugar, which is called fructose. Except for pineapples and melons, most fruits have low GI scores of 55 or less. However, as fruits ripen, their GI scores increase. Fruit juices also have very high GI scores because juicing removes the fibrous skins and seeds. Researchers have also reported that drinking fruit juice increased the risk of developing the condition.

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Sweet potatoes

Regular potatoes have a high GI score, but sweet potatoes, on the other hand, have low scores and are very nutritious. Research indicates that the flesh of sweet potato contains more fibre than its skin. This indicates that the whole vegetable could be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. Even though there is still no evidence that sweet potatoes can help to lower blood sugar levels in humans, they are undoubtedly a healthy, nutritious food item with a low GI score.

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Oats also have a GI score of 55 or lower. This makes them less likely to cause issues with blood sugar levels. Oats also contain B-glucans that help reduce glucose and insulin responses after meals. It also helps to improve insulin sensitivity and maintain glycemic control. In addition, it also reduces fat.

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2014 research concluded that eating nuts could be beneficial for people with diabetes. Nuts are rich in dietary fibre and have GI scores of 55 or less. Nuts also contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, plant proteins, and other nutrients that include antioxidant vitamins, minerals (including magnesium and potassium) and phytochemicals. As with other foods, it is best to eat nuts without coatings or flavourings, as they have higher GI scores than plain nuts.

DISCLAIMER | Consulting a doctor is advised.

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