Digestive Issues? Add This Easy Workout To Your Daily Routine – mindbodygreen.com

It seems almost too simple—walking is a basic form of human transportation, something most people learn at a young age—but it can make a real difference. Experts agree that walking, in general, is important, but if you have digestive issues, it’s especially worth doing. 

“Walking is a great way to improve overall health, including digestion,” says Jaime Schehr, N.D., R.D. “Regular exercise can actually help strengthen your digestive tract. The amount of blood diverted from your digestive system decreases because your muscles are more efficient when you exercise.” 

And if you live and breathe gut health, you’ll be tickled to hear that walking also boosts your microbiome. “Beyond improving digestion and motility of the GI tract, walking also helps the good bacteria in your microbiome flourish so that they can continue to help you in many other ways,” says Marvin Singh, M.D.

In other words, walking is a low-effort action we can take to better our bodies. Did we mention it’s also free? 

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