Kenya finally launches HPV vaccine for school girls – The Star, Kenya

“We have agreed it will help, it is clear that cancer has been a big challenge in our country,” Kivuva said.

What the church was against, he said, was the use of vaccines that are not tested.

“There are people who are bringing in vaccinations in our country which are against our health standards, some which have been banned in some countries and we are used as Guinea pigs,” he said.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho said his mother succumbed to cancer and he would support the vaccination.

“I lost my mother to cancer, and I can tell you I will support any initiative at any level to ensure that we are safe going forward as a people,” he said.

He said everything has side effects but one has to weigh the advantage and disadvantages of something.

He said Mombasa county supports the vaccination and residents would be sensitised to embrace it.

“We have been convinced that this vaccine is important to the kids. We as parents have come out and we have agreed that it will be helpful to our children,” said Angela Auma, a parent who also urged others to have their children vaccinated.

At least 4,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. The vaccination drive targets at least 800, 000 10-year-old girls.

They will get two jabs, the second one after six months.

The vaccine will be offered in public, private, faith-based and NGO health facilities at no charge.

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