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If you have dietary restrictions, Thanksgiving can be stressful ― even without all the bickering at the family dinner table.

If you’re on the keto diet, you may be used to preparing your own meals. That way you can stick to eating low-carb, high-fat foods that make you feel energetic and healthy. You may already know how to whip up a keto-friendly pasta dish in a pinch, or a healthy salad, or even something sweet and indulgent. Bottom line: You’ve got it covered.

Things change when you attend a communal meal ― people who don’t have any dietary restrictions can just dig in to any dish on the table, but if you’re trying to stick to a keto diet, that can be tough. Many of the Thanksgiving staples have ingredients that keto frowns upon: stuffing (grains), mashed potatoes (starchy veggies), mac and cheese (grains … again) and dessert (loads of sugar).

This year, have a Thanksgiving dinner with dishes you can actually eat on keto. No more wondering if that cranberry sauce is keto-friendly ― you know it’s probably not! If you make the recipes below, there’s no second-guessing.

And here’s the best news: These are dishes everyone at the Thanksgiving table will love. (Unless they’re vegan. In that case, make them something from here.) These Thanksgiving dishes, from the turkey to sides and dessert, are so delicious that there’s almost no chance they’ll even notice it’s keto-friendly. After all, plenty of these Thanksgiving specialties are filled with glorious butter and cheese! Who’s complaining?

We rounded up recipes from prominent keto recipe creators, ensuring that your Thanksgiving mains, sides and dessert will be mouth-watering and keto-friendly.

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