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The City of Minneapolis may well have solved the problem of how to get its residents to sit up and take notice of its public safety announcements.

The secret weapon in its efforts to warn of the dangers ahead of norovirus season is an icon that leaves little doubt of the potential effects of the disease.

Showing a blue┬ástick man┬áhunched over, with liquid spraying from … ahem, both ends, the city advisory asks restaurant owners to “protect guests and employees from foodborne illnesses.”

The icon actually made an appearance in an advisory almost two years ago, judging by a tweet from January 2018 shared on Twitter.

But it’s been shared again this past week by attorney K. Davis Sensemen, whose tweet has gone a little bit viral since he posted it.

Amusing icon aside, the advisory contains important information not least about the importance of hand washing during norovirus season.

Residents are advised to wash their hands with warm, soapy water for 20 seconds before working with food, after handling raw animal products, after using the bathroom, when someone in your household is sick, and “after any activity that contaminates the hands.”

So, basically, wash your hands like this every time.

Norovirus is spread mainly by people getting excrement on their hands when they go to the bathroom and don’t wash their hands, and then pass it on by touching food or other things that then touch food.

This in turn leads to people eating or drinking contaminated food and drink.

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