Mother, child attacked by rabid raccoon –

WESTON, Conn. (AP) — A mother and her young child who were attacked by a rabid raccoon at a school bus stop in Connecticut last week are undergoing rabies treatment, an animal control official says.

The child was getting out of a vehicle last Thursday when the raccoon “came out of nowhere” and started grabbing at the child’s legs, Weston Animal Control Officer Mark Harper told the Connecticut Post for a story Wednesday.

The mother went around the vehicle and grabbed the raccoon, he said.

Both were taken to Norwalk Hospital with bite wounds to the arms and hands.

The raccoon was already gone by the time police arrived at the scene, but after getting a tip from a neighbor, Harper tracked the animal down to a swampy area and euthanized it.

It later tested positive for rabies.

Harper said it’s been 10 to 15 years since a similar incident happened in town.


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