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FOLSOM, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — A school district in Delaware County is taking precautions following a Mumps Outbreak.

Administrators at Ridley High School are getting the word out about a mumps outbreak at the school. There are three faculty members and two students with probable cases of the contagious virus

“My mom told me, she was like there’s mumps going around, be careful,” said senior, Nikki Lawrence.

A notice also went to students reminding them “Don’t share eating utensils or drinking straws” and “Wash hands thoroughly and frequently.”

“Oh yeah I use hand sanitizer all the time, wash my hands,” said Collin Clark.

Delaware County Senior Medical Advisor Dr. George Avetian says mumps is spread through saliva or respiratory secretions.

There are a few common symptoms.

“As with many viruses fever, malaise , headache,” said Dr. Avetian.

And the telltale sign – swollen salivary glands

“So you will see the glands in the front of ear by jawline puff out,” said Dr. Avetian.

The superintendent says the majority of students here are vaccinated but as we’ve seen in other mumps outbreaks, like the at Temple University last spring, the vaccine isn’t perfect.

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