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Dr. Soma Mandal – Midlife Women’s Health Specialist and author of new book “Dear Menopause, I Do Not Fear You.”

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New York, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Menopause – while widely known as “every woman’s midlife change,” and infamous for its onset of mood swings and hot flashes – is surprisingly the most misunderstood biological transition for men, women and even medical professionals.  

New Jersey based Internist Dr. Soma Mandal explains, “One of the biggest medical myths about menopause is that there is some universal experience that women undergo during their transition. While it’s true that there can be similarities, few women realize that the menopause journey is completely differently for each woman. No two women experience menopause the same way.”

Dr. Mandal, who is New York born and raised, has helped thousands of women transition through menopause. “I see so many women who come in and say pretty much the same things: ‘Dr. Mandal, I’m not sleeping, I’m not happy… I just feel off.’ They don’t even consider that what they’re experiencing is related to menopause. However, there is help, and they don’t have to feel like this for the rest of their lives. For some reason, there’s a massive deficit in general knowledge about menopause – that we don’t have around other biological transitions like puberty, pregnancy and childbirth.”

The knowledge deficit, it appears, is not just restricted to people without formal medical training. Dr. Mandal recalls one instance, “I had a new patient come visit me once – she was at the end of her tether. She was a highly successful businesswoman who ran a big company, she had a young family and started to experience the onset of perimenopause. She went to her family doctor, who was extremely well known, for help. Her stress levels were through the roof, she was feeling bloated, lethargic and not at all like herself. He told my patient that there wasn’t much he could do to help her, and that she should probably give up her business! Thank goodness she didn’t listen!”

One of, perhaps, the most little-known facts about menopause is that different cultural backgrounds can have heightened medical risks during menopause, so special care is needed through the transition. “There have been a lot of studies conducted on women of color and menopause, particularly in the UK – not so much in the USA yet.” Dr. Mandal explains, “It’s well documented that South-Asian women tend to get heart disease earlier and die more often from heart problems when compared with other Asian groups and Caucasians. In African American women, the occurrence of cardiovascular disease is 45% compared with 35% in Caucasian women, and more African American women die from this disease than any other ethnic group – so extra special care is needed.”

Dr. Mandal hopes to help bridge the knowledge gap about menopause – with the publication and release of her new book entitled “Dear Menopause, I Do Not Fear You – A Modern Woman’s Guide To Thriving Through Mid-Life.” The book takes a light-hearted yet medically comprehensive approach to discussing everything about menopause. It is essential reading for men wondering just what’s going on with their significant others, as well as for women wanting to learn about the latest in natural therapies, HRT demystified and how women of color can empower themselves by knowing their risks ahead of time. Published by Premier Physician Media, “Dear Menopause, I Do Not Fear You” is released today – available on and at select leading bookstores throughout the country.

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