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Whooping cough is a bacterial infection that causes serious coughing that might last for weeks. It can impact individuals of all ages, however, infants less than one-year-old are at biggest danger of serious problems consisting of pneumonia, convulsions, mental retardation and even death.

The vaccine that protects against whooping cough is offered to children, free of charge, through Alberta’s Routine Childhood Immunization schedule. It is also offered to pregnant ladies in the third trimester. Grownups 18 years of age and older are recommended to receive one adult dosage of whooping couch-containing vaccine.

LETHBRIDGE– Alberta Health Services has actually confirmed 11 new cases of whooping cough in the past week in Lethbridge, the County of Lethbridge and Raymond.

In 2019, there have actually now been 38 confirmed cases of whooping cough in the AHS South Zone. Last year there were 58 validated cases.

For more info about whooping cough check out the AHS site.

Other symptoms consist of a runny nose, sneezing, fever and mild cough.

People who doubt of their immunization history, or their kid’s, can book a consultation with their regional neighborhood health centre or public health workplace.

Typically, after a week, the cough will end up being more serious with recurring coughing spells. In younger children, these coughing spells are generally followed by a whooping sound when inhaling.

AHS says individuals with a validated case needs to stay at home from work, school or childcare till five days of prescription antibiotics have actually been completed.

Homeowners are being reminded to get immunized, ensure their children are updated on their immunizations and take necessary safety measures to restrict the spread of the infection.

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