New initiative aims to use artificial intelligence to identify early drug candidates –

Insilico Medicine, in collaboration with ChemDiv, Inc., launched a drug discovery initiative that aims to use the power of artificial intelligence for screening chemistry space with newly designed compounds. The initiative is expected to identify a massive of drug candidates in the early stages.

That became possible because AI can scan a vast number of compounds at higher speeds and with improved accuracy compared to traditional screening projects. The new project is aimed at rapidly screening targets in various therapeutic areas, including oncology, metabolism, immunology, urology, and others.

We have successfully identified early drug candidates by screening a limited number of compounds with our AI virtual screening platform. ChemDiv significantly increases our capabilities by opening a great lead-like and drug-like novel chemical space with reliable support.

Our joint effort to evaluate these diverse compounds increases the likelihood of developing new drugs for existing targets with less adverse effects.”

Alex Zhavoronkov, Ph.D., Founder, and CEO, Insilico Medicine

“We are connecting AI technology with ChemDiv’s efforts and investments in the design and validation of novel chemistry,” said Sergey Bugrov, Executive Director, ChemDiv. “The feasible chemical space of 3 billion molecules partitioned in validated unique scaffolds and available for modeling is represented by 1.7 million physical compounds. This new approach, will immediately provide researchers with many more starting points for drug discovery and significantly improve their process”.

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