News Michigan is 2nd sickest state in the country, report says Ali Hoxie 5:30 AM – WXYZ

(WXYZ) — The flu is hitting Michigan extremely hard.

A new report says our state is the second sickest in the country – with hundreds of thousands currently ill in Michigan alone.

These new numbers indicate nearly seven percent of Michigan’s population has flu-like symptoms.

A map just released from shows our state is only second behind Georgia’s eight percent of the population suffering from flu-like symptoms.

The numbers indication 5.05 percent of the nation is sick, compared to 2.67 percent during this time last year.

According to the most recent numbers from the Center’s for Disease Control, an estimated 4.6 million have the flu. So far, 39,000 have gone to the hospital.

With 2,100 deaths from the flu this season, there were three pediatric deaths last week, raising the season’s total to 22 pediatric deaths.

Today, the CDC is expected to release new updated numbers.

Doctors are now warning people to get their flu shots.

“Influenza varies from year to year,” said Dr. Alan Taege with Cleveland Clinic. “Match that anticipated type of influenza.”

The CDC is predicting flu activity will remain elevated through mid-January.

Some metro Detroit hospitals have

temporary visitor restrictions in place

because of the flu, including Henry Ford Health System and Detroit Medical Center.

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