Oregon school closes after flu-like symptoms sicken nearly half of staff – New York Post

Nearly half of the staff at an Oregon school called out sick this week, forcing the school to close for two days.

Oak Grove Academy in Gales Creek was closed on Wednesday and Thursday after 11 of the 30 staff members at the school called out with “flu-like symptoms,” Fox 12 reports. There was some suspicion the sickness could have been norovirus, a highly contagious stomach bug, but this was not confirmed.

The school was cleaned and sanitized while students and staff were away. According to a notice posted to the school’s website, Oak Grove re-opened on Friday.

The news comes after an entire school district in Colorado shuttered shortly before Thanksgiving due to a suspected norovirus outbreak. At the time, the Mesa County Valley School District 51 — the 14th largest in Colorado with more than 22,000 students — announced it was closing its more than 40 schools until after Thanksgiving break due to the gastrointestinal illness.

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