Over 1000 Patients May Have Been Exposed To HIV, Hepatitis And Other Dangerous Diseases, Tells Goshen Hospital – The Digital Wise

A currently found sterilization problem may have exposed Goshen Hospital patients who underwent surgery amid the dates of April 1 and September 30 to possibly severe diseases, according to the hospital officials.

The hospital is now confronting a class-action lawsuit for carelessness leading to the endangerment of lives.

In a letter to infected patients sent out earlier in November, Randy Christophel, president and CEO of Goshen Health, and Daniel Nafziger, hospital chief medical officer, declared that one of the hospital’s 7 surgical instrument sterilization technicians missed to finish one of the essential steps in the hospital’s multi-step sterilization manner with some surgical tools among April 1 and September 30.

This probably exposed surgical patients to life-threatening infections like the hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

“As with any patient protection concern, we examined all aspects around the incident,” Nafziger told of Goshen Health’s answer to the situation. “We have put stringent policies and additional safety measures in place to assure it does not occur again. We also want to show our concern for each of these patients.”

A class-action lawsuit has been registered against Goshen Health as a consequence of the incident.

Marketing director for Goshen Health, a total of 1,182 surgical patients could have possibly been exposed as a consequence of the sterilization issue, according to Shannon McNett-Silcox,

The hospital has stated that there is no cause to assume that anyone who underwent a surgical method before April 1 or after September 30 would be affected by the sterilization problem.

The letter remarked that lab results will be prepared within 10 business days from the date of testing and patients will be notified of their results via phone call and mail.

“To totally rule out any potential exposure, new testing dates may be necessary based on the timing of your procedure,” the letter added. “Our colleagues can give you full details and information.”

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