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in 2015’s boost in uptake of the influenza vaccine amongst health care employees however we desire such a favorable advancement to continue. I hope that every health care worker in the South East considers getting immunized this year. By getting the vaccine, health care personnel are protecting themselves, their families, their coworkers, pals and the individuals they care for in the health service.”

“I am being joined by HSE associates in management at University Hospital Waterford, Wexford General Hospital, St. Luke’s General Hospital Carlow/Kilkenny and South Tipperary General Hospital in this call, as making sure that there are less cases of influenza in the community will also relieve some of the pressures on Emergency Departments and intense inpatient beds– in addition to ensuring that locals in neighborhood nursing units and in mental health centers, customers of day care centres and those being supported in disability care services are much safer from the threat and consequences of infection.”

The HSE’s South East Community Healthcare organisation are re-iterating the message that “if you can’t get the flu, then you can’t spread the influenza”– pointing out that vaccine is the only defence against the influenza and is the “finest shot” for vulnerable people versus the dangerous complications of influenza.

“Flu is a highly transmittable viral illness. It triggers an unexpected beginning of disease with signs such as a cough, heat, headache and pains and pains. Flu can trigger extreme health problem and can even be harmful, especially amongst older people, young kids, those who have a long term health problem and pregnant females.”

Vaccination is highly advised for: health care employees, those aged 65 years and older, individuals (consisting of kids) with long term medical conditions, all pregnant females, locals of assisted living home or long-stay centers and also those in routine contact with pigs, poultry or water fowl. Individuals in these groups can get the influenza vaccine free of charge from their GP (those without medical or GP see cards may be charged an administration cost). The influenza vaccine is also readily available and can be administered at regional pharmacists. The flu vaccination is provided free of charge to all personnel of the HSE. Chief Officer of South East Community Healthcare Kate Killeen White, in taking a look at overall data relevant to the South East, urged all healthcare employees to get the vaccine and advised regarding advantages of less influenza in the community:

“In the 2018-19 season, there were 1,293 verified cases of flu throughout counties Carlow, Kilkenny, South Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford. 32% of those were healthcare facility inpatients, with the remainder happening among people residing in the neighborhood. Nine individuals passed away from flu related illness in the South East during that period. ” I welcome

Dr Jacinta Mulroe, Specialist in Public Health medicine with the HSE in the South East states that everybody must be cognisant of the dangers of influenza:

“Flu is spread out from person to individual. Individuals with influenza are infectious to other individuals for 1-2 days before they feel sick and for 5 days after they feel sick. The influenza can be very dangerous. It causes a few hundred deaths in Ireland each year. Problems such as pneumonia can take place. It can trigger degeneration in hidden conditions such as COPD and heart disease. Pregnant ladies are at high threat of problems due to influenza and they also have an increased risk of miscarriage and early birth if they get the influenza. The influenza vaccine is the finest method to secure yourself from it.”

All healthcare workers and individuals in at-risk groups in the South East are being advised to get the flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is also available and can be administered at regional pharmacists. The influenza vaccination is offered free of charge to all personnel of the HSE.”Flu is spread out from individual to person. Pregnant females are at high danger of issues due to influenza and they also have an increased risk of miscarriage and premature birth if they get the flu.

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