Pregnant mom worries previous botched tummy tuck may harm unborn baby: What have I done? – Fox News

An expectant mother in Scotland fears a botched tummy tuck two years ago has put her unborn baby at risk after learning that the complications have left her prone to infection. Kerrie Wilkes, 27, told SWNS she wanted to be “Insta perfect” when she elected to have the procedure done in Poland and knew right away it was the wrong move.

“The surgery was horrible,” Wilkes, who is expecting her first child in April, told SWNS. “The building I was getting my surgery in was in a business park. I didn’t think about it because I wanted it done so badly. I woke up and thought, ‘What have I done?’”


Wilkes claims she was immediately sick and in immense pain but was given no medicine or intravenous fluid. She claims when she got back to Scotland she went straight to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with sepsis and told her belly button would have to be reconstructed due to the infection.

“I didn’t even think I could have children after the infection because it was so bad,” she told SWNS. “Because the infection began in my stomach through my belly button, my belly button opened up and I had to have a new one constructed.”

Wilkes said she's worried that the complications stemming from a botched tummy tuck two years ago are putting her unborn child at risk. 

Wilkes said she’s worried that the complications stemming from a botched tummy tuck two years ago are putting her unborn child at risk. 

Wilkes claims her doctors have warned that it could re-open again before she gives birth, adding that the surgery she thought would “be the best thing ever,” has “ruined my life.”

“People have to stop going abroad for plastic surgery, and it would mean the world to me if it was out more,” she told SWNS. “I hate the thought of someone getting surgery.”


She said that her ordeal has taught her to appreciate herself more than ever.

“I just want to have a healthy birth, and if my baby survives this I’ll be so happy again,” she told the news outlet.

The NHS has warned against seeking plastic surgery procedures abroad following the deaths of many patients. While the cost may be less than what is found in the U.K., the risks may outweigh the benefits.

“If you have complications after an operation in the U.K., it’s the surgeon’s responsibility to provide follow-up treatment,” the NHS said on its website. “Overseas clinics may not provide follow-up treatment, or they may not provide it to the same standard as in the U.K. Also they may not have a health care professional in the U.K. you can go to if you have any problems.”

Such was the case with Wilkes, who said she has had to rely on her local doctors to try to fix her complications, including a recent infection she contracted while pregnant.


“If you do want surgery I recommend only Ross Hall, the Nuffield, or an NHS doctor,” Wilkes told SWNS. “You need to go to someone that you trust.”

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