Pregnant mum on meat diet says shed worry if kids became vegetarian –

Pregnant woman showing off bump

This pregnant woman says a meat-only diet has transformed her life (Picture: MDWfeatures / @simply_sara21)

A pregnant woman who was always tired, hungry, and moody developed acne and joint pain after becoming a mother. So the mum-of-three decided to change her diet, opting for an unconventional meat-only diet.

Stay at home mum and former nurse, Sara Zielke from Wisconsin, felt that she was no longer herself, struggling to lose weight from her tummy area despite eating healthily and exercising.

After some research, the carnivore diet seemed to fit her needs as she could eat as much as she liked until she felt full and still lose weight.

Now, 17-weeks pregnant with her third child, Sara says she feels better than ever with more energy than when she had her two previous children.

Despite criticism from others about her huge meat consumption, Sara loves her lifestyle and wants her children to follow suit.

She claims to have reaped so many benefits from eating in this way that she admits she would be ‘concerned’ if her children decided to go vegetarian.

Aa part of a strict carnivore diet, people will only eat beef, salt, and water or there is a more relaxed approach, which is what Sara follows.

This is where you can eat a variety of meats, spices, and animal products such as eggs and dairy.

Woman in gym gear looking at mirror

Sara says she started to notice her abs returning after going carnivore (Picture: MDWfeatures / @simply_sara21)

Sara explained: ‘I have always had a huge appetite and hearing stories of others eating this way, getting to eat as much meat as they wanted and still losing weight and seeing so many health benefits; that was very enticing to me.

‘The benefits that I personally have experienced is a satiated appetite, amazing body composition, cleared up and brighter skin, calmer mood, greatly improved energy levels, and absolutely no pain in my body.

‘I honestly think that my quality of life would be greatly diminished if I was not eating this way.

‘I never imagined that it was possible to feel this good and for that reason, I think I will always eat this way.’

 Homemade pork belly fat nuggets.

Homemade pork belly fat nuggets she snacks on (Picture: MDWfeatures / @simply_sara21)

Sara, who occasionally snacks on one not-meat item, nuts, says she has more energy with her third child than the other two.

‘I truly believe that eating large amounts of meat is truly making me feel my best and so I have nothing but high expectations for how I’m going to feel, as a continue through the rest of this pregnancy.

‘I just eat a wide variety of meats because I love food and I love how it tastes and it makes me feel really good.’

The main meats are beef or chicken. Sara says she gets her prenatal vitamin and iron from chicken liver.

 Sara's favourite meal of steak with garlic butter prawns.

Sara’s favourite meal of steak with garlic butter prawns (Picture: MDWfeatures / @simply_sara21)

‘If my children decided to go vegetarian, I would be a little concerned, knowing what I know now about food,’ she added.

‘I feel confident though that they would soon realise that eating heavy amounts of vegetables with little or no meat would soon make them not feel very well.

Diet during pregnancy

Though Sara claims to have reaped many benefits of a meat-only diet, it’s important to note what the NHS recommends for pregnant mums.

According to the website, you should eat a variety of different foods every day to get the right balance of nutrients that you and your baby need.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables because these provide vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre, which helps digestion and can help prevent constipation.

‘We as a family, currently eat a very meat-heavy diet and my children are thriving.

‘Sometimes experiencing different types of food and how they make our bodies feel is the best sort of education and so I feel like my kids will have some solid ground to start and fall back on when they feel the need to experiment with their diet.’

A typical day of food for Sara looks like three or four eggs for breakfast with cheese or steak, a pound of beef or two to three pounds of chicken or pork for lunch.

She will eat dinner if she is hungry but otherwise skip this meal. Throughout the day, Sara snacks on pork scratchings and sparkling water.

Her favourite meat to eat is steak as it leaves her feeling fuller for longer. The toughest part of beginning the diet was giving up sweets.

‘We are told that these are harmful to our health when in all reality that is so far from the truth. But don’t take my word for it. Research it all for yourself,’ she advised.

Sara, who doesn’t usually set aside time for exercise, says she also enjoys chicken heart and wants to try beef tongue and brain in future.

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