‘Remain vigilant to keep dengue at bay, don’t panic’ – Times of India

PATNA: Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) superintendent
Dr Rajiv Ranjan Prasad tells TOI’s Sheezan Nezami in an interview that people should not get panicked despite rise in number of dengue cases in the city as the virus is not deadly. Excerpts:

What is the reason behind rise in dengue cases in the city?

Accumulation of water is the main reason. Waterlogging in some parts of the city has exacerbated the problem. People should also avoid keeping containers outside their houses such as on balconies or in gardens where rainwater can collect. Tyres and tubes outside the house also provide breeding grounds for Aedes aegypti, the dengue-carrying mosquito

Blood samples of how many patients were tested positive for dengue in the virology lab of PMCH so far this year?

Altogether, 1,081 patients were diagnosed with dengue at the hospital till Friday. Over 150 dengue patients have been treated at the PMCH in one month

Who are vulnerable to the disease?

The disease is not common to any particular socio-economic group. The dengue virus can attack anyone

How much does it cost to get dengue and chikungunya tests done at PMCH?

We do not charge anything, except Rs 5 as registration fee. As far as private hospitals and labs are concerned, they charge anywhere between Rs 1,200 and Rs 2,200 per sample. At PMCH, we collect the samples between 10am and 5pm from Monday to Saturday. We also test samples recommended by other doctors in our lab. Patients get their reports the next day

Is PMCH ready to tackle dengue menace?

The number of beds for dengue patients was increased from 35 last year to 75 this year, including 10 beds each in the intensive care and paediatric units of the hospital. We also have sufficient stock of platelets

Are all tests free at PMCH?

Yes, all the tests are free here. We conduct more than 300 types of tests in PMCH’s pathology department, apart from X-rays

Private hospitals are still preferred choices for many. Why so?

Modernity has defeated humbleness and free service is considered equivalent to demeaning the personalities of people. Going to expensive private hospitals has become a status symbol for many. Earlier, senior officers and politicians used to get treated in government hospitals. Our chief minister’s mother was admitted and treated here. This trend should continue so that the others could follow it

People often complain of rude behaviour by the staff at government hospitals

We will soon start a training programme for our staff and encourage them to behave politely with patients and their attendants. A ‘May I Help You’ counter has been opened at the PMCH to assist people

What is the inflow of patients in outpatient department (OPD) and inpatient department (IPD) of PMCH?

Around 3,000 people visit our OPD daily. Similarly, 500 people visit the hospital’s IPD per day

What is the status of the project to make PMCH a world-class hospital with 5,000 beds?

Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Corporation Limited has initiated the bidding process for the same. Foundation stone for the new building would be laid by the end of this year. We aspire to regain the glory of PMCH and our CM has a vision for it

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