Scientists Find A Link Between The Lymphatic System & Hair Regrowth –

If you’re interested in the integrative medicine space, you’ve likely read about the lymphatic system before. (Or, if you’re interested in holistic beauty or recovery, it comes up there a lot, too.) But as a refresher, let’s revisit this complex and little-understood circulatory system.

“Lymph is a fluid that has no color, and it contains white blood cells, which are our key immune cells. Lymph covers the tissues in our body, and it has its own drainage system, which is called the lymphatic system,” explains mbg Collective member and integrative physician Marvin Singh, M.D. “There is an intricate system of lymph capillaries (basically small drainage pipes) that collects all the fluid that occupies the spaces between different tissues in the body. Those little capillaries connect to larger pipes, called lymph vessels, which lead to lymph nodes.”

The lymphatic system, he goes on to explain, acts as an internal cleaning system for our body—clearing out any buildup of toxins, helping our immune system, and balancing the fluid in our body.

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