Sensitive Armpits? Here Are 7 Top-Rated Natural Deodorants, Sans Baking Soda –

Ah, natural deodorant: a category that comes with mixed feelings. But once you find the one? It’s like you’ve found The One. But not only is natural deodorant a hard category to start with, but for those with sensitive armpit skin, there’s another layer of frustration: You need to find one that works for you smell-wise and one that doesn’t have any potentially irritating ingredients. 

The biggest culprit is baking soda. (It actually has to do with pH: Baking soda has a basic pH; your armpits have an acidic. Combing the two causes irritation.) Given this article is about people with sensitivities, I’m going to avoid the ingredient entirely. So you won’t find the ingredient in any of the below.

But that’s not the only thing that’s potentially irritating. Some people are sensitive to fragrance (natural or otherwise) and essential oils. Also: You can have sensitivities to any number of ingredients—aloe, clay, coconut oil—even if they’re not common concerns for most. So it might take some guess-and-test to find one that’s right for you. 

And as always, spot-test first. It’s a good rule of thumb for anyone but vital for those with sensitive skin.

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