Student found dead after going on extreme diet to lose weight for upcoming holiday, inquest hears – The Telegraph

When coroner’s officer Claire Rogers visited her room shortly after she had been found, she found a food diary containing rules such as “eat no more than 1,200 calories a day”, “carbs only once a day if at all”, “stay at the library and don’t eat”, snack on fruit and “take your f——¬†apple cider vinegar”.

The notebook included comments in which she was “very negative about herself”, Mrs Rogers reported.

A police officer said “dieting pills” were found in the room.

Mrs Bone, from Kingston, London, said she knew her daughter “used to take a tablespoon [of cider vinegar] every time she ate, three times a day” but had since started taking it in tablets. She said she had been taking it for “maybe two years”. Mrs Bone said her daughter had been doing the 5:2 diet, restricting food intake two days a week, and knew through messages from her that she had not eaten much on the day of her death.

Lindsey’s body was examined by pathologist Dr Catherine Guy and most tests returned “normal” results.

All that was found in her system were prescribed anti-depressant and anxiety medication and neither exceeded a “normal, therapeutic dose”.

Dr Guy said: “The only positive finding from blood tests was a slightly high acid level in the blood.”

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