Study Finds How Long You Need To Do HIIT Intervals To Make An Impact –

When the six weeks were up, findings suggested 60HIIT was more effective than 30HIIT.

The researchers tracked the participants’ aerobic capacity, body composition, and arterial stiffness over the course of the study, and found that aerobic capacity had increased in the 60HIIT group.

Neither group saw a difference in body composition or arterial stiffness, but the 60HIIT group saw greater aerobic capacity where the 30HIIT group did not, suggesting 60HIIT did improve the participants’ fitness overall.

Researcher Hannah Church says, “In order for people to get the most out of HIIT, which may be the answer to the difficulties of paying for and getting to the gym, we need to get the timing right. Our research showed just how important this is, because we found that 30-second intervals with 120 seconds of rest meant that participants’ heart rates didn’t stay up. One hundred twenty seconds is just too long to be resting for!”

Indeed, HIIT does offer all of us crunched for time with a workout that can be done quickly and at home. Now, with this new research, our training will be that much more effective.

Get started with this 12-minute HIIT workout, and check in with your body to be sure you’re performing HIIT exercises safely.

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