The Connection Between Diet & Vision Loss You Need To Know About –

AMD is a disease that can occur in phases, and it is often not until late AMD that vision loss becomes explicitly noticeable. For this reason, people will often live with earlier stages of the disease without knowing for some time.

According to the researchers, not all cases progress to late AMD. While early AMD is not necessarily noticeable in vision loss, it can be detected during eye exams—all the more reason to make sure you schedule one annually.

“From a public health standpoint, we can tell people that if you have early AMD, it is likely in your best interest to limit your intake of processed meat, fried food, refined grains and high-fat dairy to preserve your vision over time.”

If early AMD is detected during an eye exam, the findings of this study suggest that removing (or at least decreasing your consumption of) these foods could help slow or prevent disease progression.

Further explorations into the impact of overall diet as opposed to individual nutrients will potentially provide more context for preserving eye health. If you feel yours is beginning to wane, check out these natural remedies that may help.

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