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Sexually transmitted diseases, also known as STDs, are diseases acquired when indulging in sexual intercourse, irrespective of gender. It is seen that the rate of STDs are increasing every year globally, and the US is no exception. With concerns rising, developed countries like the US need to tackle this problem immediately.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the latest stats on STDs across the country. With more cases than last year, these patterns show no signs of reduction. STDs are one hundred percent preventable if necessary precautions are taken.

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People don’t realize the importance of STDs until they get affected. As of now, STDs are one of the most overlooked problems when people indulge in sexual activity. In addition to this, some STDs result in life-threatening situations, causing death, and others affect childbirth with congenital abnormalities.

The major STDs include  Chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea which account for almost 85-90% of total STDs in the country. With this problem causing impacts around the country, the US needs to act immediately to turn around the situation.

If this worrying pattern continues to grow it will definitely affect the sexual health of the population and the upcoming generation.

The global concern

The United States is not the only country suffering from this problem. Countries all around the world face difficulty in tackling STDs . The major problem is that people don’t realize the real problem of STDs and take it easy. The seriousness of STDs can only be addressed through extensive awareness programs and public health services.

If educated and developed countries can’t stop this problem, we can’t expect other countries to tackle this problem. So it’s our prime duty to educate and prevent this type of disease so that people are healthy both mentally and sexually.

All you need to know about STDs

STDs are a group of diseases transmitted by sexual intercourse between people. The causative agent of this disease includes various microorganisms ranging from bacteria, viruses to protozoa. The major disease include gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus), trichomonas, etc. With some infections curing easily, some cause life long illness like HIV. Some cause diseases in the next generation, like congenital syphilis.

STDs are predominantly spread through sexual contact and rarely through blood contact. More than 1 million people are affected by it every day. With more diseases on the rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to treat infections with the rise in new strains of organisms, antibiotic resistance, etc.

Image showing ways to prevent STDs. Source-CDC

Prevention is better than cure

STDs are readily preventable if necessary precautions are taken. Comprehensive sex education and awareness can help tackle the situation. Use of preventive testing before indulging in sexual activities also helps.

Using necessary protections like condoms can also sufficiently bring down the infection. As effective treatment is becoming difficult and not easy, prevention is the most effective method. Vaccination against STDs stands only at the clinical trials and not at commercial levels. So it lies in our hands to effectively prevent us from STDs.

Source: Science Alert

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