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Halloween night is fast approaching, which means it’s time for costumes, haunted houses and of course, candy.

In anticipation of the 31st, released its self-compiled rankings of the most popular Halloween candy in every state.

According to the bulk candy seller’s data, Twix is the top candy in Alaska, Colorado and Rhode Island. The most popular choice in Georgia is Jolly Ranchers, and in New York, it’s Hot Tamales. Meanwhile, California is all about Skittles. Hover over the map above to see the winners for your state and see the full list below. created its rankings based on 12 years of its sales data (from 2007 to 2018) with a focus on the months leading up to Halloween. The online candy seller also collaborated with “major candy manufacturers and distributors” to help determine the most popular candy in each state (and Washington, D.C.), as well as the first and second runners up. (Certain candies are more likely to be sold in bulk and, as a result, may be overrepresented in the lists.)

In addition to the top Halloween candy state rankings, also released a list of the most popular Halloween candy in the U.S. overall.

America’s Favorite Halloween Candy

  1. Skittles
  2. Reese’s Cups
  3. M&M’s
  4. Snickers
  5. Starburst
  6. Candy Corn
  7. Hot Tamales
  8. Tootsie Pops
  9. Sour Patch Kids
  10. Hershey’s

Most Popular Halloween Candy By State

Alabama ― Hershey’s Mini Bars

Connecticut ― Milky Way

District of Columbia ― Tootsie Pops

Georgia ― Jolly Ranchers

Kansas ― Reese’s Cups

Kentucky ― Swedish Fish

Maine ― Sour Patch Kids

Maryland ― Reese’s Cups

Massachusetts ― Butterfinger

Montana ― Dubble Bubble

Nebraska ― Salt Water Taffy

New Hampshire ― Starburst

New Jersey ― Tootsie Pops

New Mexico ― Candy Corn

North Carolina ― Reese’s Cups

North Dakota ― Candy Corn

Oklahoma ― Dubble Bubble

Oregon ― Reese’s Cups

Pennsylvania ― Hershey’s Mini Bars

South Carolina ― Skittles

South Dakota ― Starburst

Tennessee ― Tootsie Pops

Washington ― salt water taffy

West Virginia ― Blow Pops

Wyoming ― salt water taffy.

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