Toddler hospitalized after eating anti-psychotic drugs mixed in with Halloween candy – New York Post

An Australia mom believed her 3-year-old daughter “was going to die” after eating anti-psychotic drugs mixed in with her Halloween candy, according to a new report.

Little Abbey Robe was sickened while trick-or-treating with her three siblings Thursday night in Melbourne, 7 News reported.

Mom Tara noticed the toddler had fallen behind and was coughing, so she rifled through her candy stash — and found that the “lollies” she was eating were actually pills with writing on them in a plastic bag.

“When she went into the ambulance, that’s when I couldn’t wake her up,” Tara recalled. “I thought she was going to die. They were pills and I didn’t know what. It could have been nasty.”

Abbey is believed to have ingested Seroquel, a medication used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

She spent the night in Sunshine Hospital, with Tara posting a photo of the little girl hooked up to machines and still in her Halloween costume.

Police are treating Abbey’s case as an isolated event and don’t believe malicious intent was a factor.

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