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blood glucose levels. Nevertheless, foods with high GI value should be limited since they are rapidly digested and absorbed, leading to quick fluctuate of blood sugar levels and ought to be avoided for type 2 diabetics.

Only foods that contain carbohydrates are appointed a GI worth. Foods containing no carbohydrates, such as beef, chicken, fish, herbs, eggs and spices, will not be found on the GI list.

The rate at which foods raise blood sugar levels depends upon three elements: the kind of carbohydrate they include, their nutrient structure and the quantity a person consumes.

The Glycemic Load (GL) is the procedure of how a carb impacts blood sugar levels, taking both the type (GI) and amount (grams per serving) into account.

For a food product to be thought about a low-GI and a good choice for type 2 diabetes the GI and GL needs to be 10 or less.

Foods such as fibre abundant fruits and veggies like carrots, green peas, apples, grapefruit and watermelon, lentils, whole-grain breads like barley and entire wheat, tomato juice and milk.

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