What is Noom diet app? What do reviews about weight loss method say? – Express

Weight loss apps are hugely popular. Many use them to track their weight. One such is the Noom diet, what is it?

How much is Noom?

Noom is pretty expensive, as apps go.

It costs about £35 a month, or £420 a year.

There is a 14-day free trial period, but you must remember to cancel your account before the two weeks is over to avoid the charge.

“If you have any food sensitivities, medical concerns, or other roadblocks to eating better (including lifestyle issues, like business travel or inexperience cooking), you’d be better off working one on one with someone who can help you discover what works best for your unique body and circumstances.

“On top of that, based on reviews, the health coaching is really over billed.

“Among the common complaints: people felt like they were talking to a chat bot instead of a person; the coaching support is superficial; coaches aren’t available 24/7 and often leave you hanging.”

On Trustpilot reviews are similarly mixed, while 57 percent claim the app is excellent, 11 percent have said it is between “bad” and “poor” and a further nine percent called it “average”.

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