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Anyone, especially those prone to breakouts, will shudder at the mention of skin bacteria; but the truth is, it’s not actually always a dirty word. Bacteria isn’t the enemy. In fact, bacteria is an essential thing for healthy skin. It’s just about having the right balance.


Well, it’s all about keeping your microbiome happy. Your skin’s microbiome is a community of organisms made up of thousands of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on the skin. This natural bacterial ecosystem acts as a barrier between your body and the environment and impact how your skin looks, feels and acts, including how well it absorbs and retains moisture – which we all know is essential for glowing, youthful skin. So, a diverse mix of good bacteria on the skin is key to a healthy microbiome. The greater the variety of bacterial species on the skin, the less likely you are to experience dryness, inflammation, sensitivity and even acne.

What causes your microbiome to become unbalanced?

An unbalanced microbiome could be causing many of your skin issues, so what’s behind the imbalance? There are many factors, such as pollution, UV rays and even some makeup, but one of the top culprits is a harsh cleanser. As they work to clean skin of bad bacteria, they also strip away the good bacteria and upset the skin’s microflora. This causes the skin to become stressed and dry, which may lead to a spectrum of problems, from breakouts to eczema and rosacea.

What can you do to support a healthy skin microbiome?

Besides ditching those guilty cleansers, nourishing and healing your skin’s microbiome is critical to the health of your skin. In addition to improving your body’s bacteria balance from the inside (via your gut health), you need to support it from the outside with the help of probiotic skin care products.

Probiotic skin care works by delivering good bacteria and nutrients to the skin to balance and brighten the complexion. Probiotic skin care also helps skin to function properly, so it’s able to protect, replenish and nourish itself.

Australian natural skin care brand Minenssey has an entire range that’s solely dedicated to supporting a healthy microbiome, while also intensely hydrating skin (we’ll get to the importance of that later). The Minenssey Hydrating range is powered by potent probiotic ACB Yogurt Dermal Respiratory Factor, which works to balance the skin’s surface and keep skin cells reproducing.

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