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So you’ve made it through your self-care week, and you’re ready to start fasting again. However, Shah recommends you shouldn’t jump right into it as soon as your period starts—rather, starting around day two or three of your period is best.

During the first couple of days where your flow is heaviest, it’s common to still feel tired, as you’re just recovering from your hormonal crash and you’re losing a fair amount of blood. Once your hormone levels start to rise, you’re going to feel noticeably more energetic—that’s when you can kick up the fasting and HIIT workouts, Shah says. 

For some reason, there’s this pervasive notion that we should amp up the self-care on our period. While it might still feel good, it’s really the week before when our bodies could use the self-love.

“I think the rumor comes from the fact that people equate the period as all the same,” Shah tells me. When in reality, you might feel sluggish the first couple of days on your period (your body is still experiencing that hormonal crash from the week before), but during the latter half of your cycle, your body is stress-resilient and your hormones are at pretty adequate levels—great levels, even.   

“If your hormones are balanced, you eat well, you sleep well, and you take care of your stress, by day two or three you should be feeling pretty good,” Shah adds. 

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