Wichita hospitals see increase in RSV cases in children – KWCH

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) RSV is a common virus that exists in our virus. It’s easily transmitted like the common cold, and Wichita hospitals are seeing several cases.

In an adult or older child, it might cause a nasty head cold, the virus can be more harmful to babies.

The virus goes deep into the respiratory tract and causes a lot of inflammation in the lungs. That inflammation can make it hard for infants to breath.

You might notice your baby breathing very hard and having trouble eating drinking or even sleeping. There’s also a lot of nasal congestion associated with the virus.

Ascension Via Christi says during the summertime, they might have one or two children come into the suctioning clinic a week.

Now, in the middle of RSV season, they are seeing about 70 children a week. That’s about 10 children a day receiving the suctioning treatment.

RSV can be life-threatening for the most vulnerable. It’s important that if you’re feeling ill to cover your mouth when you cough and try to avoid public spaces.

Dr. Amy Seery, a pediatrician with Ascension Via Christi, says you may even consider wearing a mask when you’re at the grocery store.

“You never know who might come behind you in an aisle and if you’ve coughed and that virus is lingering in the air, it might be a mom pushing her kiddo in their carrier and that child will then be exposed and have very significant symptoms and even require hospitalization,” she said.

The suctioning clinic provides temporary relief and your child may need a prescription to receive the treatment.

There are no medicines to treat RSV. The body has to heal on its own.

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