Woman records breast cancer diagnosis live on Facebook – New York Post

One of the scariest moments of Ali Meyer’s life was broadcast for the world to see.

The Oklahoma news anchor streamed her first-ever mammogram on Facebook Live as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month — not expecting the doctors to find anything.

But the October 2018 screening revealed that the mother of four had cancerous cells in her right breast. When doctors broke the news to her, she broke down sobbing.

“This has been hard and shocking,” the then-40-year-old said on Facebook Live the next day. “It does rock you to your core.”

Meyer decided to continue broadcasting her cancer experience, Instragramming and filming everything from her emotions after the diagnosis to her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, the Daily Mail reports. On Tuesday, News 4 aired a segment on Meyer’s road to becoming cancer-free.

And while surgeons were able to keep her natural nipple and areola in place, doctors recommended she have a mastectomy and replace her breast tissue. She allowed her camera crew to film the difficult procedure and offered up her candid emotions throughout the experience.

“Even though surgery was my choice, it felt like forced mutilation,” says Meyer, who has worked at News 4 for nearly 20 years. “It felt like cancer was stealing part of my body away from me.”

This year, she received her second mammogram: It found her to be cancer free.

“I will never stop having mammograms. I will never stop telling women to take care of their bodies and schedule their mammogram,” Meyer says in the segment.

“My surgical options, my recovery and my outcome were all better because my mammogram found the cancer before I even knew it was there,” says Meyer.

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