Woman Tells Fox News That Outbreak of ‘Insignificant Disease’ Measles Is ‘Not a Big Deal’ – Mediaite

After being told about a potential measles outbreak at five major US airports, one woman at an airport shrugged off concerns to Fox News, telling the network that it’s an “insignificant disease” and “not a big deal.”

“Measles is not a big deal to me at all,” the woman said. “When I was a child I had the measles. It’s an insignificant disease, and I think it’s stupid that people are making such a big deal out of it.”

Though immunization helped drastically curb the disease, measles killed more than 140,000 people in 2018 alone, according to the World Health Organization– most of which were young children.

“Most measles-related deaths are caused by complications associated with the disease. Serious complications are more common in children under the age of 5, or adults over the age of 30. The most serious complications include blindness, encephalitis (an infection that causes brain swelling), severe diarrhea and related dehydration, ear infections, or severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia,” the organization explained.

Other travelers interviewed by Fox News expressed concern, calling the situation “not good” and remarking, “I am a little bit concerned about that now so I might do some sanitation when we get home.”

The affected airports are reportedly O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Richmond International Airport in Sandston, VA, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, TX, Denver International Airport in Denver, CO, and Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, CA.

The woman’s comments were criticized on social media.

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