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An Ohio woman who is a mother of two children woke up out of a coma seven months after the medical professionals stated that she was “brain dead” and advised her family to pull the plug.

As per the information received from the sources, Kertisa Brabson,31, slipped into a coma after she experienced a seizure in September 2018. Before undergoing the symptoms, Brabson began speaking frantically and tried to reach for objects that did not exist and danced at unplanned moments during an inspection at a local hospital in Alliance.

Her mother, Kertease Williams, was informed by the doctors that she was ‘brain-dead’ and required to pull the plug since they could not handle her condition after she was diagnosed with Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

However, her mother explored more options in order to protect her daughter’s life.

She said, “We were going to keep moving her because once I saw the doctors scratching their heads that certainly let me know they gave up and they do not know what is going on with her.”

As per the information, the girl was shifted to Ohio State Hospital where she had almost 20 seizures a day.

Dr. Shradda Mainali spoke that Brabson had a ’60 perfect mortality’ based on her condition and that her team operated to make sure the vaccination would decrease her chances of dying.

Fortunately, Babson woke up in April last year and returned to doctors and treatment positively. She does not retain sleeping for seven months.

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